Chrome OS

This is the lead page for Chrome OS devices and Google. I curently own two aging Samsung Chromebooks. My next laptop will be a better Chromebook… don’t know which one yet.

The great thing about Chrome OS is that it is fast and nearly everything you do is online, stored n the cloud. Google docs, Google sheets, Google maps, Google search, Google Play Books and Music are all your friends here.  Chrome OS can stream just about everything… YouTube, Pluto TV, iHeartRadio, Accuradio, TUBI TV and more. Have fun.

The other good thing about a Chrome OS device is that most of them are quite cheap, ranging from $199 to about $400 for a decent model. There are a few higher end models but most sell for way below $1,000.

The only downside of Chrome OS is that you have to be online nearly all of the time. If you are offline, there isn’t that much you can do.

Chrome OS is ideal for consuming most web based content, word processing with Google Docs or online versions of MS Office. It is good at streaming music and most video websites.