As a latecomer to cell phones, it was not until 2014 that I finally got one. Weighing my options at the time in 2014 between devices, features and cost factors, I opted for a smartphone running Google’s Android operating system. Androids are a decent choice for anyone who just needs a good cell phone with internet connectivity.

Most Android phones will do all of the expected things you want to do on a mobile device…. Web browsing, running specialized apps, audio and video streaming, photography, videography, travel management, email, social media, texting and phone calls to name a few. All smartphones are portable computers. Most people use them for computer intensive tasks that keep people online nearly 24-7.

Over the past few years I have acquired and used the following Android devices:

  • Alcatel OneTouch 960
  • Samsung Galaxy J7 (current device)

Besides being more affordable than most iOS devices, the main reason why I like Android devices are the fact that some still come with user replaceable, removable batteries and many have expansion card (SD) slots.