8tracks.com Reinstates Unlimited Free Streaming

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I’ve long been a user/member of the streaming mix site 8tracks.com. The service put a one-hour cap per day on free streaming in 2016. Today the streaming limitations were lifted and now anyone can listen to audio streams on 8tracks.com whether or not they are a member.

Audio streams have advertising commercials inserted into them. For those who want an ad-free experience, can opt for the paid service know as 8tracks Plus.

I published several streams to 8tracks at my Radio M.I.U. page. The page features Classic Rock, Old Top 40 Hits, disco, Hawaiian, country and popular standards streams. Check it out, now free of charge.

8tracks streams on the web as well as through their Android and iOS apps.

Here is the letter users got in email:

Thanks to our much-appreciated 8tracks Plus subscribers and the recent introduction of new audio ads, we’re beyond excited to say goodbye to the loathed weekly free listening limit for people in the US. Now, listeners can stream 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, all for FREE!

And it gets even better; the 1-track limit for logged-out listeners has also been removed, so now when you share a mix with friends, they can hear the entire thing right away. We promise this isn’t some cruel joke; go ahead andshare any of these mixes with a friend to see for yourself!

We’ve faced lots of challenges over the past couple years, but with the help of our community, we’ve been able to make excellent progress towards overcoming each obstacle. It’s truly a fact that 8tracks exists because of you – the avid DJs, investors, and listeners responsible for it all.

And the fun is just getting started! We have a newly-released Spotify integration, an upcoming Alexa integration, and a bigger, new music library on the way which will eventually support mix-making in our mobile apps.

To see more of our upcoming projects and be an active part of 8tracks’ future,join us here on Wefunder where we’re about to launch a new crowdfunding round which will allow investors to own shares in 8tracks and receive a lifetime upgrade to ad-free 8tracks Plus. Over $100,000 worth of shareshave already been reserved by 400+ investors since our Wefunder profile opened last week.

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