Welcome to Mel’s Tech Blog

Boom! Here it is. Just like that I changed the name of Mel’s Macintosh Universe Blog into Mel’s Tech Blog. So easy to do with WordPress.

Going forward this blog will be more of a general information and commentary site covering a wider range of techie stuff. I’ll still write about Apple, Macs and other devices. However I’ll probably cover different things such as Chromebooks, Android, Google, Photography, Audio & Video plus the always evolving Internet.

With that said, I’ve made changes to this blog and more will be coming soon. I will also be changing the blog’s URL in the near future too. In fact you will be able to soon visit and bookmark the following URLs for this blog: tech.scoomba.com, and mtb.macprohawaii.com.

OK. That’s it for now.

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Publisher of The Hawaii Files Blog, Hawaii Political Platter, Hawaii Radio & Television Guide, and much more. Look me up at http://macprohawaii.com
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