Is it Time to Go to a Dumb Phone?

Perhaps it is time to go back to a standard phone or whatever you want to call it. Does anyone sell a wireless phone that does only phone calls and texts and nothing else? Looking at Amazon, there are a few for sale, but most still have features to access the internet (not very good) and connect (usually through bluetooth) to other devices.

As a T-Mobile customer I know that if I got a dumb phone, my monthly bill would be significantly less at $20 per month with no internet. Of course I could get that now by not paying for the data portion of the service.

The point of this video is that our devices whether or not you are on iOS or Android, is watching and logging you wherever you go and often on whatever you do. Do you find this creepy? I do.

Granted I like Google services. I use Google Search, Google Voice, Google Docs, Google Maps, Google Music. Gmail and more. Perhaps the best way to use it without being location tracked is to use Google only at home on your computer.

And as they say in the video above, turning off your phone or tablet may be the way to go if you need to keep the smartphone.

Anyway, just food for thought here.

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