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Aarrgh! Amazon Prime Price Increase

I am not very happy that Amazon is increasing the price of Amazon Prime. The service which offers free streaming movies, Kindle books and free shipping on all orders ups its price from $79 to $99 per year. OUCH! … Continue reading

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Reason TV: Should You Go To Jail for Unlocking Your Phone?

Want to unlock your iPhone? The law now says it is illegal. These two guys on Reason TV talk about the legal aspects of doing so. The bottom line question is “Who Owns Your Phone”?

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Firewire Target Disk Mode

This guy has a fairly informative video on using Firewire Target Disk mode. I’ll probably be using this instructions when I get around to hooking my old iBook G3 laptop to an even older Apple Powerbook G3 Pismo that I … Continue reading

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