Apple Mobile

This page links to some of Apple’s portable devices: iPod, iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. The higher end models run on some version of iOS and are able to surf the web, play music and videos, record audio, run apps and download books. The abilities of these devices to do these things vary among models.

Apple iPod Touch

Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation

The 4th generation Apple iPod Touch is a wonderful computer, internet communications device, camera, music player and more. I bought the iPod Touch last October shortly after it came out.

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My Aging iPods

Vintage iPods Still Rock

The 4th generation iPod Photo, iPod Mini, iPod Nano and iPod Shuffle are discussed at this article link. What I like the best of these old iPods is the click wheel interface which makes it very easy to navigate audio content and music. Read more.

Non-Apple Mobile Devices

My New Chromebook

Samsung Google Chromebook

My latest computer is a Samsung Chromebook laptop that I bought for $250. It is a small, MacBook Air sized device that runs the Google’s Chrome OS and does nearly everything via the Chrome web browser through its WiFi networking interface. Almost no files are stored on the Chromebook itself. I will be blogging more about the Chromebook soon.

Samsung Chromebook | Chromebook | Chrome OS

My Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi Game Console

The Nintendo DSi has some Macintosh compatibility in the fact that camera images taken with the DSi are saved as .jpeg files and the music player accepts only AAC or Apple’s Purchased AAC file formats for playback. The DSi can also access the internet via WiFi. Nintendo uses the Opera web browser to access web content and a number of their own apps such as “Camera” and “Store” are available to download apps or upload photos. File storage and transfer can also be done with an SD memory card.

I generally use the DSi for playing the few DS games that I own and also for internet access. The DSi can run out of system memory if graphic intensive websites are viewed. The web browser works best with mobile, text and Gopher sites.

Nintendo website | Wikipedia

Sansa SlotMusic Player

Sansa Slot Music Player

This low end music player plays MP3 formatted audio files only. Mac compatibility is through file transfer using micro SD card and adapter. The players were sold for less than $20 with the expectation that users would buy pre-recorded micro SD cards with albums on them.

Article | Wikipedia – Sansa Music Players | Slot Music