Holding on to Your Telephone Landline

In this day of smart iPhone and Androids, is it any wonder that some people don’t find the old fashioned telephone landline relevant anymore? I am a die hard landline user. I don’t own an iPhone or any other wireless phone device. I do have an iPod Touch but it’s not a phone.

I am holding on to my landline because I can be free of phone calls most everywhere else I go. People can call me on the landline and if I am at home, I will answer it. If I am not, well tough luck. I don’t have an answering machine directly wired into the landline. However a few people know my Google phone internet number and they can leave a voice or text message there.

The telephone I use is a General Electric touchtone desk model with speakerphone, auto dial, and at least a dozen memory phone number pre-sets. It doesn’t do the internet, but Google Voice calls can be routed to this phone which means I can still get free long distance to anywhere in the U.S.A. One thing about landlines… the phone service works even when the power goes out. That doesn’t apply to cell phones or the newer Voice Over IP phones.

The bottom line? Are you a landline phone user? I am and will be for the foreseeable future.

Larry Ignacio's Honokaa Plantation Museum

Landline telephones have been around for more than 100 years.


My GE landline telephone with auto dial, memory presets and speaker. Smartphone not required.


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