Updating my iPod Touch to iOS 6.1.3

Upgraded to iOS 6.1.3

Hardware: Apple iPod Touch 4th generation, 64 GB

I purposely stay about 1 version behind the most current version of most operating systems. iOS is not any exception. I waited until last night before taking up the iOS 6.1.3 update that has been nagging me every time I synch the device with iTunes.

Well nag no more for now. I am current with iOS 6.1.3…. at least until iOS 7 is released either today or sometime in the very near future.

I decided to download and install version 6.1.3 before it disappears from the iTunes store. Apple like most other firms love to push you to the latest and greatest which usually means the current and old versions disappear from their websites. Sad. Makes me yearn for the days when all software came on disks.

But as we all know, Apple hates media disks … DVD and CD have long flown the coop from Apple. Sad.

Needless to say downloading and installing iOS 6.1.3 took a little more than an hour. First the OS had to be downloaded from my DSL wired connection. That took about an hour.

Then iTunes installed the new OS and verified the system. This took several more minutes before finally, I was greeted with a series of screens to verify such things and Apple ID and password. Finally the greeting shown above. Wow. I have a great OS on my iPod.

From there on, everything became routine as iTunes updated my user data and made sure all of my apps, documents, photos, music and videos were in the same places as I left them before the upgrade.

Apple is wonderful. Upgrading this stuff is not much of a pain though it does take some time.

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