Amazon Cloud Player App and Auto Rip

Amazon Cloud Player for iOS

One of my favorite streaming apps is the Cloud Player from What you get with this iOS app is a player for all songs you purchased. As an added bonus, Amazon started a new feature called Auto Rip. Auto Rip automatically sends an mp3 copy of any qualifying compact disc you buy from Amazon to your Amazon Cloud Player.

Auto Rip CDs converted to MP3 for Cloud Player, like all other MP3 files in the cloud player can then be downloaded to your iTunes, iPods and other devices almost instantly even while you wait for the physical CDs to arrive in the mail. I like CDs. I like the fact that this new feature automatically rips CD purchases to mp3 without the end user having to do it himself. The prices for Auto Rip CDs are no different than for any other CD you find at

The other nice thing about Auto Rip is that previous qualifying CDs that I bought from Amazon before Auto Rip began were retroactively added to my mp3 Cloud Player at no additional cost. Nice. Apple certainly can’t offer this since they do not sell CDs and have mostly abandoned all disc media formats.

Like purchased MP3 files, Auto Rip CDs do not count against any quota you have in the Amazon Cloud Player.

The Amazon Cloud player is available as a stand alone web application / site that plays on any computer (Mac, Windows, etc.) as well as for iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) and Android. The photo above shows a standard MP3 song that I bought (left frame) and a track from a full album that I recently got as a CD (right) that was loaded to the Cloud Player with Auto Rip. Below is the Amazon Cloud Player in web form.

All song in your Amazon Cloud stream on the web and through the Cloud Player apps for iOS and Android. Nice.

Amazon Cloud Player

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