Steve Jobs: 1955 – 2011

Farewell & Thank You

Forever Steve, Forever Apple. Thank You.

Darkened Light

Apple Store Ala Moana. The light is off. Photo by Ryan Ozawa.

My Life With Apple’s Products

1979: I recall using an Apple II computer to draw and do some work in college.
1982: Saw the LISA computer in Time Magazine. I wanted one.
1988: Borrowed a Mac Plus computer from my friend Ron. I wanted one.
1988: Bought Mac Plus computer for $2200 with external floppy drive and Imagewriter II printer.
1988: Learned Ready-Set-Go and Aldus Pagemaker 2.0. Bought 45 MB Ehman hard drive.
1988: First went online with 1200 baud modem: ZTerm. BBS services. GEnie
1989: Used Mac SE at the advertising agency I worked for. Pagemaker 3.0 Adobe Illustrator 88
1990: Upgraded Mac Plus from System 4.2 to System 6.08.
1992: Bought Mac IIsi for $3500. 4 megs ram, 80 MB hard drive. Pagemaker 4.2. System 7.1
1995: Got dial-up internet access. Created my first websites.
1997: Bought PowerCenter 150 Mac Clone. Steve Jobs returns to Apple, kills clones.
1997: Ran Mac OS 7.6.1, Mac OS 8.1, BeOS 2.5 on PowerCenter 150 clone.
2001: Bought Apple Power Mac G4 Tower. 733 mhz. 1.25 GB ram. 2 internal hard drives.
2001: Dual boot. Mac OS9 Mac OSX on G4 tower. Used mostly OS9.
2001: Bought my first digital camera – Sony Cybershot P50.
2002: Acquired friend’s older Power Mac 9500.
2003: Got used Powerbook 3400 laptop. Ran Mac OS 8.6 on it.
2003: Used mostly Mac OSX 10.3.9. by this time. Most work done with Mac OSX.
2003: Canon 300D Rebel DSLR camera.
2004: Finally got broadband internet access.
2004: Bought my first songs from Apple iTunes Store.
2004: Bought used Apple iBook 700 G3 laptop.
2005: Bought iPod Photo 40GB music player.
2006: Bought 3 1st generation iPod Shuffles. Gave one away for Christmas.
2007: Bought green iPod Nano at close-out sale.
2009: Bought 15 inch MacBook Pro laptop computer. 2.8 ghz Intel Core 2 Duo. 4GB ram.
2010: Pages, WordPress, Expression Engine, Blogger, Google Documents, Reader, Map, more.
2010: Ran Mac OSX 10.6.4 and Ubuntu Linux 10.4 in virtualization on MacBook Pro.
2010: Bought Apple iPod Touch 64 GB. Ran apps and more apps. Music, videos, pictures, more.
2011: Bought MacBook Pro 13 inch laptop. Intel Core I5, 2.3 GHz. 4GB ram.
2011: Decided to stay with Mac OSX 10.6.8 Snow Leopard on both MacBook Pros for now.
2011: Adobe InDesign 5.5., Pages, iPhoto, iMovie, Chrome, Angry Birds, Spotify, more.
2011: Canon 600D Rebel DSLR camera.
2012: MacBook Air? iPad 3? Lion?

Thanks for the great products Steve. They helped make work and life better even when those products that were not Apple’s still ran smoothly on an Apple platform.

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