Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation

Apple iPod Touch

The 4th generation Apple iPod Touch is a wonderful computer, internet communications device, camera, music player and more. I bought the iPod Touch last October shortly after it came out.

This is the 4th in a series of iPod Touch devices that Apple has released. They are expected to release a new one sometime this month (September 2011).

The Apple iPod Touch was introduced in 2007. From its inception the iPod Touch always featured the multi-touch interface, where users tapped or made gestures directly on the display glass as it is done to this very day. The initial models came with 128MB of RAM in configurations of 8, 16 and 32 GB of storage memory. Wi-Fi internet access is a standard feature on every generation of iPod Touch.

My New iPod Touch My New iPod Touch

The big news for the 4th generation iPod Touch were added features that includes both a front-facing and rear-facing camera. The front-facing camera supports FaceTime and other conferencing applications such as Skype that allow users to see each other when conducting voice communications through a wi-fi connection. The two cameras can also be used for still pictures and hi-res video (back facing camera only).

What I love about the 4th generation iPod Touch is that it can run nearly all of the applications that are available for Apple’s iPhone. The best thing about the iPod Touch is that it has no cell phone function which means no monthly bills, no contracts of any type, and no one calling you while you have the device in your pocket. And because it is not a cell phone, there is no GPS location feature to track you, though it has a location feature that is tied into WiFi (which can be turned off).

Some people would call those items negatives, but because I am one of the few people in this world who do not like cell phones, the iPod Touch comes in as a great alternative to a cell phone. It is not a cell phone. It is a little computer.

And what it lacks in cell phone capability more than makes up with the huge number of apps that are available for the iPod Touch. You can do everything on the iPod Touch from using it as a notepad, keeping your contact list organized, calendering, taking still photos with the built in cameras, making movies, viewing movies and other video content, reading books and magazines, and much more. Since this is an iPod it also does what every iPod can do… play music and other audio content. There are literally too many things to list of what the iPod Touch can do. The best thing for me to do on this blog, will be to highlight and review some of my favorite apps that is available for the iPod Touch.

About the only negative I can see for the iPod Touch is that many of the apps depend on internet connectivity. If you are in an area where there are no or very little available wi-fi hotspots, you may find yourself limited by what you can do with some of the apps. I will be covering this issue as I review apps for the iPod Touch.

Like the iPhone and iPad, apps, music and video are installed into the iPod Touch through Apple’s iTunes media player and online store application that runs on both the Mac and PC. This applies to all iPod Touches that run using versions of iOS up to 4.3. In iOS 5, all of Apple’s iDevices (iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhone) will be free of the iTunes tether, though I suspect it could still remain as an option.

Ideally the iPod Touch is best suited if you have a home and work environment high speed wireless wi-fi network.

I will be writing more about the iPod Touch, its functions and apps.

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