Power Macintosh iBook 700

Apple Macintosh iBook 700 G3 laptop

Apple Macintosh iBook 700 G3 laptop

Up until late this year, the Apple Power Macintosh iBook 700 G3 was and to a lesser degree still is my “road warrior” on-the-go laptop. It is being replaced later this year (2010) or early next year with a possible purchase of an 11 inch MacBook Air. I’ve been actively using this old iBook 700 since at least 2005… so that is about 5 years. If I am not mistaken this computer was introduced by Apple in mid 2002, making it 8 years old today.

The iBook is a capable G3 based, 700 mhz computer. It is good for doing all of the basic stuff I did with the Powerbook 3400 and more. The iBook is used to run word processing programs in Word and AppleWorks. It is dual booting, with both OSX 10.4.11 as well as OS 9.2.1.

Being a big Adobe Pagemaker fan, I occasionally use it to run Pagemaker on its 9.2 partition. Pagemaker is about the only time I use the iBook in OS 9.2 mode or through emulation within OSX’s “Classic Mode”.

All other programs I run in OSX. These include the following:

iTunes: Good for listening to my 500 or so songs that I keep on the iBook. I used to download the free Apple track of the week with iTunes until it was no longer supported on old versions of the program. While iTunes 7.6 is not supported by the Apple iTunes store, you can still use it on this computer to listen to music, slowly synch songs with an iPod (USB 1.0 or Firewire), listen to podcasts or streaming radio. You can do some video on this old G3 laptop, but I would not recommend it.

iPhoto and Image Capture: Use these 2 programs for image storage and editing whenever I am on the road (which is not too often). These came in very handy while I was recently on the Big Island of Hawaii. Synchs with the 3 digital cameras that I own. iPhoto is pretty good for making slideshows and photo album webpages.

I am not the biggest Microsoft Word fan around. However the iBook can handle Word which is part of the Office 2004 series. This comes in handy when I have to exchange files with the PCs I have to use at work. Word 2004 can only save and open with the staandard, old .doc format and not .docx.

One of the best things about this iBook is that it has a built in Airport wireless card. This means I can access the internet wherever there may be a wi-fi access point or “hotspot”. Comes in handy when I am on the road. The iBook is also connected to my ethernet network at home where I now have broadband access. I have used it in the past for dial-up access when neither broadband or wifi was available.

There is more I could write about the iBook, but this gives you a brief idea of what you can do with this elderly old Macintosh.

Current Use (as of October 2011)

The iBook is now being used as a radio streaming device – mainly streaming radio stations from iTunes. Works just fine with my broadband connection. The iBook is also used for faxing and logging into an old Telefinder BBS system (Headgap.com) with Mac OS9.2.1 in “classic mode”. I can also still do word processing with MS Word (in OSX) or Write-Now (in OS9.2.1). I also use this on occasion to login to my Unix account (SDF.org) with the terminal program.

Quick Specs:

Model: iBook
CPU Type: Power PC 750 (G3)
CPU Speed: 700 mhz
L2 Cache: 512 KB
Memory: 640 MB
Bus Speed: 100 mhz
Bus: ATA-4
Hard Drive: Toshiba MK4019
Hard Drive Size: 40 GB
Optical Drive: Sony CD RW / DVD
System Software: Mac OS X 10.4.11
System Software: Mac OS 9.2.1
Dual Booting System
Network: Built-in Ethernet, Airport, Internal Modem

More Photos

How About a Game of Stratego?

One of my favorite Macintosh System 6 (or lower) games of all time, it’s the old Stratego game that MB stopped the developer of this version from upgrading. The game is kind of lame since the human beats the computer about 99% of the time. I still find it fun though as I have saved at least 25 battlefield lineups. Good way to pass a few minutes of time on the old system.

This System 6 game is running on top of the mini vMac emulator program which is running System 6.08 and a full 40 MB Mac Plus virtual hard drive full of stuff.

The mini vMac emulator can also run System 7.01, which I should try if I can find my original System 7 diskettes.

Shown running on mini VMac in my iBook 700 which is running on top of Mac OSX 10.4.11.

System 6 Emulation
Another shot of miniVmac running System 6.08.

My Photo, My Desktop
My iBook 700 when it was running Mac OS X 10.3.9. I took the photo of the Thunderbirds jet.


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