Apple Power Macintosh 9500

Power Macintosh 9500

Power Macintosh 9500

Apple’s Power Macintosh 9500 was based on the PPC 604 processor and introduced in April of 1996. It stayed in production for less than a year. It was replaced in August 1996 by similar Power Mac 9500s running on a faster 604e processor.

I acquired this Power Macintosh computer from a friend who put it to good use about 6 years. This computer is a capable performer which can do a variety of tasks including desktop publishing, graphics, word processing, internet and multimedia. The current configuration I have for this Power Mac is as follows:

Hardware Vendor:
     Apple Computer, Inc.
Machine Type:
     PM 9500\9600
Gestalt ID:
Physical RAM Size:
     80 Meg
CPU Type:
     PPC604 (Built-in FPU)
CPU Speed:
     150 MHz
Bus Speed:
     50 MHz
ROM Version:
ROM Size:
     3 Meg
MMU Type:
     Emulated MMU Type 1
Keyboard Type:
     Extended ADB
     VIA1 Exists
     SCC Exists
     Capable of Software Power Off
     53C96 SCSI Controller Internal Bus
     53C96 SCSI Controller External Bus
     Has Universal ROM

     Hardware has Stereo Capability
     Stereo Mixing on External Speaker
     Sound I/O Manager Present
     Built-in Input Hardware Present
     Input Device Available
     Built-in Simultaneous Play & Record
     Can Play and Record 16-bit Samples
     Can Record Stereo
     Input Port Requires Line Level
     Play Double Buffer
     Multiple Channel Support
     16-bit Audio Data Supported

        D R I V E S

Volume Name:
     Power Mac 9500
Volume Name Drive 2:
	APS 700
Volume Name Drive 5:
	Iomega Zip 100
Apple Power Macintosh 9500

Apple Power Macintosh 9500

This Macintosh has been upgraded to Mac OS 8.5. It hosts a variety of software including Adobe Pagemaker 6.5, Adobe Photoshop 4.0, and Microsoft Word 5.0. It runs the standard Mac OS versions of Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and CD Player.

The internal SCSI hard drive is 2 GB in size out of which about a 1.2 gigs is occupied with programs and various files. There is a 17 inch Apple Color monitor connected to this Mac as well as the Macintosh extended ADB keyboard.

The main use for this computer was as a back-up to my Powercenter 150 and Power Macintosh G4. This computer may be moving to another location in the future. It’s currently in my home, sitting idle, being used to prop up my DSL modem and router.

The nice thing about this Mac is that it has several PCI expansion slots. The ugly thing about the Power Mac 9500 is its very difficult and unfriendly expansion options. For example, in order to upgrade the RAM or install a second internal hard drive, users must practically take all of the innards about before you can reach the motherboard or a PCI slot. I don’t intend to take this Mac apart anytime soon.

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