Apple Performa 6200

Apple Performa 6200 Power PC

Apple Performa 6200 Power PC

Low End Mac calls the Macintosh Performa 6200 a Road Apple… and for good reason. It is one of the worst performing Macintosh computers ever made. The reason?

Here’s what Low End Mac says: “the overall computer design kept performance of the 6200 and it’s built-in monitor twin, the 5200, comparable to a 6100/66. To save money, Apple based the motherboard on the Quadra 605 with its 25 MHz bus and 32-bit memory. (Remember, the 603 is a 64-bit chip.) Apple also used an 8-bit IDE controller for the hard drive.”

What this means is that while the 603 PPC chip is fairly fast, the fact that it was installed on a very slow motherboard compromised the computer’s performance to a point where it would never live up to its chip’s potential.

Avoid this Mac on the used market if you run into one. Don’t buy it. These are not worth spending money on, unless you need one for parts.

The one I have is fully functional and was given to me by a friend last year. All of the bundled software that came with a typical Performa package was included with this computer, and for that I have no reason to complain about owning this.

The bundled software contains a package of fun games, some educational titles (which I’ll never use) and a couple of productivity programs like Word Perfect 3.5. Basically this Power PC Mac sits on my back burner and awaits usage as a gaming platform or a spare Mac.

This Mac was given away and sold at a charity garage sale for $25 in 2004.

For more information on the Performa 6200 visit Low End Mac’s Profile of the 6200.

Profile: Low End Mac – Performa 6200


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