The Macintosh II

Apple Macintosh II

Apple Macintosh II

For a few years, back in the early part of 2000 I think, someone gave me a big, old hulk of a computer, a Macintosh II. This was the first modular Macintosh made by Apple and it was huge. The desktop unit took up a generous amount of space on a desk and the old CRT monitor was heavy and bulky too.

I first saw a Macintosh II way back in 1988 or 89. I knew of two offices that used them back in the day. I was quite fascinated by the large color display that ran on them. Back in the day, I certainly wanted one. For the computer alone, the cost was about $7000. Ouch. No way would I buy one.

Years later I got one for free and used it for about 2 years as a curiosity before it was given away to a charitable group. As I recall I had this thing running on Mac System 6.08 and it contained all kinds of applications. The hard drive was a 40 MB monster built into the box which also held not one, but two internal floppy disc drives.

Still by the time I got this beast it was way too old to use for anything practical as I had faster, newer Macs by the year 2000.


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