Macintosh Quadra 610

Apple Macintosh Quadra 610

Apple Macintosh Quadra 610

I bought a used Apple Macintosh Quadra 610 computer for $80 in the year 2000. This was a computer that Apple first introduced as the Centris 610 in 1993. It was later renamed the Quadra 610 and shipped with a standard 68040 processor running at 25mhz.

The Quadra I got came with a 240MB internal hard drive, 36 megs of RAM, 1.44 floppy drive and System 7.6.1 bundled on the hard disc.

The Quadra 610 served as my primary backup computer and file server to my PowerCenter clone and Macintosh IIsi for about 2 years.

During the course of ownership, I tried to run Linux for 68K Macs on this computer but could not get the thing to launch beyond showing a text based window. Other things I did with the Quadra when it was not serving files, was to use it to open older files made with Pagemaker 3.x and 4.2, as well as do some word processing and rudimentary surfing on the internet using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape. I did not use this computer for very long as I was already in Power PC land  using my Powercenter Mac clone.

Configuration of my old Macintosh Quadra 610.

    Apple Macintosh Quadra 610
    Motorola 68040 @ 25mhz
    36 MB of RAM memory
    Internal Quantum 240MB Hard Drive
    1 internal 1.4MB floppy disc drive
    MacAlley Keyboard and Apple ADB Mouse
    Built in appletalk networking
    Ports: SCSI, modem, printer, sound out and in ports
    Ethernet Built In

In late 2002 something wrong happened to the Quadra, a problem that I can’t recall exactly what it was. Nevertheless the thing died one day and after stripping it of most of its usable parts I ended up discarding the old Mac at a computer recycling place.

The good news was that most of its internal parts were donated to other Macs. The hard drive went to one of my Mac IIsi’s. Two RAM sticks  joined 2 other RAM sticks in my Centris 650 to boost its memory to 50 MB. The external devices are were connected to other, older Macs.

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