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Apple MacBook Pro

Apple's 15 inch MacBook Pro. Courtesy of Apple.

Welcome to the Mel’s Macintosh Universe weblog. This blog and all of its content is the continuation of my old Mel’s Macintosh Universe website which is still up and hosted at Operator Headgap.com. This new blog site will include as much as possible the content from the old site as well as new content that will be added in the weeks and months to come.

The objective of this site is to present you with updated and current information about my favorite computer platform, the Apple Macintosh and everything else that Apple and its many application developers have to offer, while not forgetting the past. Articles appearing on this blog will be about some of the latest Apple has to offer including updates to Mac OSX, its various Macintosh platforms, and the portable product line including iPods, iPhones and iPads.

The past will not be forgotten as some of my older articles posted to the original site will make appearances here and may be updated. We’re talking about Classic Macs, Macintosh Clones (Power Computing anyone?),  BeOS and more.

For now, pardon my dust as I build this new site blog for you.


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